Lav Mic RepairsLav Mic with TA5F Connector Repair

Most lavalier microphone problems are caused by damaged connectors or intermittent wires on the connector end.

The internal wires on a lavalier mic's cable are extremely small and can be easily broken or damaged by repeated flexing in a specific area, being pinched sharply or even pulled too hard.

Our technicians can repair these issues with your lav microphones by rebutting the connector and wiring it to the proper specifications.

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Brands & Models Serviced
Most Common Lavalier Mic Repairs
Lavalier Mic Repair Intermittent at Connector End

Intermittent Where Cable Enters Connector

We cut the cable back an inch and install connector.

Lav Mic Repair with a Broken Connector

Bent or Broken Connector

We remove the old connector and install a new one.

Lav Mic with Connector Pulled Off

Connector Ripped Off or Severed

We cut the cable back an inch and install connector.

Hardwired Lav Mic Power Supply Repairs

Intermittent Where Cable Enters Power Supply

We cut the cable back an inch and rebutt to the power supply. This service is only available for Sony, Sanken and Tram hardwired power supplies. There is a slightly higher labor charge of $70 for rebutting these power supplies.

Problems at the Mic Head (Mic Element)

Problems with or near the lavalier mic head (element) can not be fixed as the heads are generally produced by a machine at the factory and therefore are not servicable. Models that do have servicable heads are not cost effective for repair.

For mics with head problems, we offer options to purchase new mics, and if purchased from us, we waive the evaluation fee. Many of the microphones we sell are available with or without clips and accessories depending on your needs.

If your lav mic is hardwired (directly attached) to a power supply and has problems at the mic head, we can install a new mic on your old power supply (Tram hardwired units are the only brand where this is economically cost effective).

Damaged Lavalier Mic Cables

The cable on lavalier microphones can not be replaced, as the mic heads are generally assembled and sealed at the factory and therefore are not servicable.

If the cable is damaged near the connector, we can cut the cable at that point and re-terminate the connector (or power supply barrel).

For nicks or slits in the jacket in the middle of the cable or near the mic head, we can install some shrink tubing over the areas in an attempt to prevent the slits from getting bigger. Please note this in the complaint field of your repair order and also mark the cable accordingly as small nicks are sometimes easy to miss.

If the mic cable is completely severed, the only option is to reinstall the connector on the cut end. Please note that we will not splice any lavalier cables together.

Lav Mic Head Repairs
Lavalier Microphone Connectors

We currently repair lavalier microphones with the following connectors.

TA5F Mini 5pin XLR TA5F Mini 5pin XLR
TA4F Mini 4pin XLR TA4F Mini 4pin XLR
TA3F Mini 3pin XLR TA3F Mini 3pin XLR
4pin KMC Style Male Plug 4pin KMC Style Male Plug
3.5mm Mini Locking Plug 3.5mm Mini Locking Plug
3.5mm Mini Plug 3.5mm Mini Plug
3pin XLR Male 3pin XLR Male
Repair Costs

The average cost for repairs is $65 per microphone plus shipping ($52 labor plus the cost of a new connector if needed equals ~$65,  $70 labor for rebutting power supplies).

Turnaround time is generally 7-15 business days depending on our work load.

If for some reason the estimated repair costs are expected to exceed your pre-authorized amount of $65 ($75 for mics with power supplies), we will present you with an estimate via email. Refused estimates will be charged a $25 evaluation fee per mic, plus return shipping, if the customer wants the item returned.

If the mic is not economical for repair, we offer options to purchase new mics, and if purchased from us, we waive the evaluation fee.

We are an authorized dealer for new Tram, Sony, Sennheiser, Countryman and Sanken Microphones.

Estimated pricing described above is for standard connector types (TA3, TA4, TA5, 3.5mm), other connector types are considerably more costly.

Sending Your Item to Us for Repair

To send your item to us for repair, please complete our online Repair Order Form. Please note you will be redirected to our main website to complete our online repair order form. After completing the form, simply print it out and include it in the box with your repair. The address to ship it to will be on your completed repair form. Take care not to put tape or labels on repair items as doing so will leave a long lasting adhesive residue.

Once we receive your repair, you will receive an email letting you know that we received the repair item, along with an estimated ship date.

Before sending in your repair, please be sure you have checked out the following sections on our website.

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Warranty Repairs

If you are looking to have a microphone repaired or evaluated under your original purchase Manufacture Warranty, please contact and send your repair directly to that manufacture. We do not perform any warranty repairs or evaluations.